We are always on the lookout for corporate sponsorships and partnerships. We cannot do it alone and we welcome sponsorships and partnership opportunities from local and international organizations with similar objectives as our organization. 

Are you interested in a project or involved in similar work? Contact us to discuss your ideas. If your organization’s mission or charitable goals are compatible with those of the Lost Boys and Girls Memorial Foundation (LBGMF), let us know how we can work together. The Lost Boys and Girls Foundation is supporting and partnering with the following organizations: –

Red Army Foundation:

The Red Army Foundation was formed as National Patriotic Veterans Organizations to serve the members of the Red Army Foundation, preserve the legacy of the Red Army; spearhead and instill patriotism in the contemporary generation of young people, and to partner with the government and the people of South Sudan in the development of our Country, by actively participating in the nation building process. For more information, visit

New Sudan Youth Centre (NSYC):

The New Sudan Youth Centre (NSYC) was formed to receive, support and care for underprivileged children, providing them with the basic needs of life and the opportunity to pursue their education and get equipped with the necessary practical life skills to become successful in life, while advocating for the plight of children suffering in conflict and post-conflict situations. For more information, visit

Garang Institute:

Garang Institute is a research and development nonprofit think-tank formed to promote the use of agricultural knowledge and technology in combating food insecurity in South Sudan. For more information, visit